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Spermidine (monoaminopropylputrescin) is a relatively unknown substance of the body, more precisely a biogenic polyamine. It has only gained in importance in the professional world in recent years. Research has found evidence that the substance can stop aging and possibly even effectively tackle Alzheimer’s. Thus, there is only evidence that the substance can have a high health benefit for humans. [1] However, the substance is also contained in food – including wheat germs. They contain the highest proportion of all foods and are therefore often used for the production of appropriate dietary supplements.

What is Spermidine

1. What is spermidine?

It is a natural component of the human body. It was first discovered in semen – hence the somewhat unusual name. However, it is now clear that the substance can be found in the body cells of every living being. In humans, the substance occurs not only in the sperm, but also in the microbiome of the intestine – and in high concentrations. Wheat germs are particularly known as spermidine foods.

The following spermidine food table shows how high the concentration in the germs is actually. However, it is also clear that there are many other foods which also have a very high proportion.

Food mg per kg
Wheat germ 243
Soybeans 207
Mushrooms 88
Peas 65
Rice bran 50
Broccoli 45
Nuts / Cores 20 – 70


From a chemical point of view, the substance is a polyamine that is produced in cell metabolism. Of course, food is also possible. While spermin, as it is often called, is still present in the body of young people, concentration decreases over the years.

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How does spermidine work

2. How does spermidine work?

In recent years, science has become more concerned with the effects of spermide-containing foods. Researchers have repeatedly concluded that polyamine can have a potentially life-extending effect. [2] This is said to be related to autophagy, a process in the human body. Autophagy is simply a recycling process. Old cell components are broken down. This process is stimulated by a reduced food intake – such as a 30 to 50 percent calorie reduction or fasting.

Spermidins have nothing to do with the autophagy caused by the reduced food intake. However, when fed to the body, they can give it a hunger mode. Thus, despite the constant food intake, the body digests the disease-causing cells and exploits them like nutrients. This process can be observed not only in humans, but in almost all living beings. By recycling the existing but old cells, the body saves material and energy. At the same time, bacteria, foreign proteins and viruses are dissolved. Thus, autophagy has a certain (positive) influence on the immune system. If the old, partly disease-causing cells are not broken down, age-related diseases can arise – that is at least the current state of the doctors.

Autophagy, which can be triggered by fasting or spermidine foods, is therefore of enormous importance for healthy cell function.

Best Spermidine

3. Which spermidine is the best?

Many foods contain the special substance that is supposed to slow down the aging process. Thus, it is quite possible to prepare a true feast that stimulates the body to the desired recycling process. It is also a good place to take spermidine-containing foods throughout the day. The germs of the wheat grain make themselves particularly good in the muesli, while soy products in the vegetable pan taste particularly tasty at lunchtime. At the evening lunch, some ripe cheese can be placed on the bun.

Of course, not everyone wants to take care every day to eat as many wheat germs as possible. This is easier with capsules. This should be as high-quality as possible and consist of wheat germs of the highest quality. Such a high-quality dietary supplement is the spermidine capsules of vitalingo. They contain high-dose, cold-pressed wheat germ oil. In addition to spermidine, many important unsaturated fatty acids as well as vitamins A, B, D, E and K are included. The product is packaged in environmentally friendly brown glass with the quality of the packaging of spermidine from the pharmacy.

Helps Spermidine

4. What complaints does spermidine help against?

Spermidine, which is available for purchase, is mainly known for triggering autophagy. This is also the main effect of the body’s own substance, according to the current medical view. However, this has some health effects that can lead to a significantly better quality of life.

4.1 to assist with fasting

It is repeatedly claimed that people who fast regularly or eat less food overall live longer. There is evidence that this claim is actually true and is mainly due to the autophagy that occurs when food intake is reduced. The spermide-containing wheat germs should be able to imitate this fasting process – without the human being actually starving. [3] Ideally, polyamine is supplemented during fasting or on a calorie-reduced diet. This makes it possible, at least in theory, to lose weight healthier and to live healthier lives in the long term.

4.2 in dementia

Whether a spermidine-rich diet actually helps to prevent Alzheimer’s or dementia cannot be said beyond doubt. However, neurologists suspect that the onset of such a disease may be delayed by monoaminopropylputrescin as it helps the body dispose of old cells. [4] It is also unclear whether memory performance can be increased. All in all, many more studies and studies are pending on this topic, which allow a more accurate picture of whether spermidine-containing wheat germs can actually be effective against the development of dementia.

4.3 in type 2 diabetes

So far, it is only a hypothesis derived from a 2011 study. In this hypothesis it is claimed that spermorine or the resulting autophagy protects the beta cells of the pancreas. If there is a type 2 diabetes, the body has developed a so-called insulin resistance. As a result, the beta cells produce more and more insulin, which in the worst case can lead to complete exhaustion of the pancreas. [5] Autophagy could therefore have a positive benefit here. So far, however, there is no solid evidence to support this claim. Therefore, the substance should not be used to treat insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes.

4.4 for the liver

In a study in mice in 2017, a spermidine-rich diet was found to lead less frequently to liver cancer or liver fibrosis. [6] For example, the life expectancy of the mice in the study increased by 25 percent. According to the study, the autophagy triggered by the spermidine-rich diet is intended to help free liver cells from harmful cell materials. However, it is not yet known whether the effect found in mice in mice will also occur in humans.

4.5 for the cardiovascular system

There is strong evidence that autophagy is closely related to the aging process. Over the course of life, the risk of cardiovascular disease increases. In a study in mice, it was found that increased administration of wheat germs lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. [7] The mice even had better heart function. Here too, however, it is not certain whether the study results are transferable to humans without any objections.

Dosage and taking spermidine

5. How is spermidine taken or how to dose it?

Since the body is able to produce the monoaminopropylputrescin independently and it is also present in some foods in high doses (see Spermidine Food Table), spermids do not necessarily have to be supplied by dietary supplements. Nevertheless, it may be in everyone’s own interest to do something for their heart health and for a long life by choosing to take spermidine capsules occasionally.

The dietary supplements usually contain sperm from natural wheat germ extract.

Since the spermidine content in the body decreases with age, an additional intake with the capsules is especially recommended for the elderly.

Spermidine can be purchased by anyone in pharmacies and in online shops. When taking, care must be taken to ensure the dosage, depending on the preparation. Therefore, it is recommended to read the information in the package leaflet carefully and to observe them when taking and dosing. For example, Vitalingo’s capsules are taken for three months. A maximum of four capsules should be daily, which are rinsed down with sufficient water. With lower dosed supplements, however, it can also be five to six spermidine capsules per day.

Conclusion Spermidine

6. Conclusion: Why is spermidine so healthy?

Spermidine from the pharmacy or a well-stocked online shop is considered a dietary supplement. Nevertheless, the health benefits that the body’s own substance, which is also found in food, are not to be despised. The autophagy triggered by the substance leads to the breakdown of old and sometimes disease-causing cells. According to current medical knowledge, the risk of age-related diseases is reduced. At the same time, viruses, bacteria and foreign proteins are also dissolved in this process, which in turn can have a positive influence on the immune system.

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